Energy Goes Where Attention Is

WE CREATE OUR OWN  REALITY. My experience has shown me that the Universe rearranges itself to accommodate my picture of reality.  When a strong desire arises,  I allow myself to concentrate on how it would actually feel and focus on the essence, the emotion of it ….then let it go and do what my inner guidance tells… Continue reading Energy Goes Where Attention Is

Whitehawk’s Studio: “You are surrounded by healing art”

Welcome to my healing studio where I will share many ideas, thoughts and images to encourage and inspire the essence of you. Does everything seem to be moving faster? Are the ways you used to do things not working? There is increased knowing that indeed we are moving into the 5th dimension. Fifth dimensional energy… Continue reading Whitehawk’s Studio: “You are surrounded by healing art”

Remy’s Soul Portrait

Remy is in spirit now and this is the photo that I used to create his 8×10″ Soul Portrait with Prisma Color Pencils. Remy’s golden guardian angel is embracing him with colors in the sequence of the Goethe Chromatic Circle ; starting at the top and going clockwise are Magenta, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange.… Continue reading Remy’s Soul Portrait

Creative Spiritual Space

I welcome you to my Creative Spiritual Space where I create Spiritual Art,  Meditate, Research, Study and Communicate.  I surround myself with my paintings of White Buffalo Calf Woman, and my twin Flame.  My family tree, rendered  with color pencils, hangs above my computer screen.  Family photos and Native American sacred objects add positive, healing… Continue reading Creative Spiritual Space